For those of you who want a business entity with a clear ownership structure and regulations, separate capital from personal assets, and a bona fide impression

Scan of KTP of Company Management and Shareholders
Scan of NPWP of Management and Shareholders
Scan KK Manager and Shareholders
Photograph of the Director with red background 3×4 (4 sheets)
* Company Stamp

  • Lease Contract Letter
  • PBB & STTS Current Year
  • IMB
  • Photos from the outside and inside
  • Office Zoning Certificate from the sub-district
  • Land Certificate / HGB
  • Domicile Building

* The management of a PT consists of at least 1 Director and 1 Commissioner

* A PT founder consists of at least 2 Shareholders (Shareholders can simultaneously serve as Directors or Commissioners)

* Husband and wife who set up PT together and do not have a pre-marriage agreement must include one person to become a third party.

* The company stamp follows after the company name is final (checked and ordered)

* Medium and large company establishments are required to register with BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. BPJS registration can be assisted by the LEGALKU Team

Separate Personal and Company Assets.
Broader Business Access
Choice of Business Activities More diverse
Form of Business with a Legal Entity