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"Computer Program is an example of intellectual property works of Creation, so that Computer Programs are protected under Copyright protection. "


I created a video player computer program with some unique features, some of which are not usually found in similar computer programs. So I plan to protect the computer program from being imitated by other parties, what kind of protection is right for my computer program and what about pendaftaran?

Answer: Computer Program is an example of intellectual property works of Creation, so that Computer Programs are protected under protection Right Ci pta. This is regulated in Article 40 paragraph (1) Law Number 28 of 201 concerning Copyright (UUHC) , that “Protected works include Works in the fields of science, art and literature, consisting of: …. s. Computer Programs”. Copyright protection adheres to the principle first to use or a declarative system, where the party who first uses or announces / declares the work is entitled to the work and is automatically protected (principle automatic protection). Thus, your computer program protection will automatically take effect when the application is used and announced / declared. Once announced, you are entitled to copyright protection of the program for 50 years (Article 59 UUHC) To strengthen the evidence for the creation of these computer programs, you can do recording creation at the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Indonesia. However, this is not a condition for obtaining Copyright protection where the certificate is proof of record for evidentiary and administrative purposes. So when someone else wants to follow the features in your Application, that person are required to obtain your permission as the Creator. If you find someone else copying his computer program without your permission or without including your name, you have the right to file a lawsuit for damages to the Commercial Court, because that is a copyright infringement. In conclusion, your application is protected in a copyright whose protection is valid for 50 years without having to be signedup.phpkan, but can be registered at the Director General of KI to strengthen proof. thanks.

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