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"Is a stamp mandatory to be used in an agreement? What are the sanctions if an agreement does not have a stamp duty? (Albert, Bogor)"


Is a stamp mandatory to be used in an agreement? What are the sanctions if an agreement does not have a stamp duty? (Albert, Bogor)

Answer: After reading the question, we will assume that the obligation in question is an obligation in terms of whether the agreement remains valid and valid or not. In short, we will give an answer that the agreement will remain valid and valid even though it does not use a stamp. The following is a further explanation: In essence, it is based on applicable law in Indonesia, related to agreements, including in the realm of civil law. Related to the legal terms of the agreement itself is regulated in Article 1320 of the Civil Code (“ KUHPer “), Where from the Article it can be seen that the valid terms of the agreement include:

  1. Agreed;
  2. Competent;
  3. Because – causes that are lawful;
  4. Certain thing.

If the above legal conditions have not been fulfilled, the agreement will be legally flawed so that the agreement can be canceled or even null and void. However, this article will not explain the legal terms of the agreement in detail. In essence, if what is violated is the “agreed” or “competent” condition then the agreement can be canceled, while if what is violated is the condition of “lawful causes” or “certain things” then the agreement is null and void by law. Related to stamp duty itself is regulated in Law Number 13 Year 1985 concerning Stamp Duty (“ Law 13/1985 “).
Based on Article 1 paragraph 1, it is explained that stamp duty actually functions as a tax on certain documents. So that the absence of a stamp in the document does not make the document null or break the law. However, it should be noted that in the event that the document will serve as evidence in court, the state requires a stamp duty. In the case of documents which are initially not stamped but want to be brought to court, then sealing may be done later.
Sealing is then a process of giving a stamp duty to a document which can be done by a postal official. That is the explanation we can provide. We hope that this explanation can solve your problem immediately. If you still have questions or are unclear, please contact my Legal Customer Service so that you can immediately contact our experts!

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